About Us - Our Story

How We Got Our Start

Adam, my father in law, is the brains behind our Old Ted Microscope kit and after helping budding young Scientists, by being a Chemistry School teacher for over 25 years, we started Old Ted together.

Day to day, we are still a Mom and Dad team, small business owners who love to bring our personal touch, providing each of our customers, the highest quality Science products possible.

What Makes Our Product Unique

Starting with a love of Chemistry (and my wife Shireen  was also a biology teacher), Adam brings his own unique touch to our products.

Adam personally wrote our Microscope user guide, putting together idea to make it as user friendly as possible. He was hands on working out how best to make instructional video’s and guide… and he wrote out all the notes by free hand (Old School, though he likes it that way).

This means every Old Ted product has been developed and tested by a Science professional (plus the Mom and Dad team, with a little help from Lily, Emma and Josh).

Why We Love What We Do

Old Ted gives us the opportunity to give back to the Scientific community by playing a small role in helping build the Scientist of tomorrow, Today. (It also allows Adam to help teaching Science, after retiring as a Science teacher)

If you know of a worthwhile organization, that needs some support with Microscope supplies, please contact us via your Amazon account.